what are 5 important element of good life

what are 5 important element of good life
What we have in life is really important for us sometime our work dominate our daily routine and happiness. so here we discuss some way find important element of good life.


It shows us best way of prosperity in life .In fact, science shows that the happier you are in your locale, the more your physical health improves.What do you care about has a huge impact on your happiness.

Enjoy life :

Enjoy your life .It is a common problem in people not to enjoy life .People always follow pleasure in life but pleasure in life is totally different from enjoying life.The more complete you become the more you are able to Enjoy Life and that  leads us to element of The Good Life.

Friendship :

is interactions based on mutual understanding,goodwill,honesty, kindness
love and affection. Our lives become unfortunate and insufferable without having the pleasures of a social life. For without the company of friends,
life becomes dull.

Be courageous :

you will never do anything in life without courage it is the most important quality in life .If you want to be courageous you need to be fearful Courage is not the absence of despair; it is, rather, the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair.


Keep money in its place :

We know that money can make life more good and life with no despair. But when putting too much focus on making money can upset the other areas of life. Don’t try to be a slave to money. You can’t buy everything such as s, good health, spirituality or good mental health,meaningful relationship. Money is not the most
vital thing in life so keep it in its place.

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