Some Habits that deter you to get Success

Some Habits that deter you to get success

Success has no short cuts only with handwork and regular check on your plan and implementation and good strategies can give you success.

  • Not priorities your work on daily basis

Success needs daily practice finding the right direction, and doing the right things at right time if you priorities what is more important for you .you can do the right work on right time.On daily basis priorities your work is important


  • Not finding your strength when complex work emerges.

When you are focus on your goal complex situation emerges to solve problem you need to be focused and mentally strong and you need to believe in your self and have in mind how important is particular task is for me.if you believe in your self you know your strength very much and find the solution of difficult task.

  • Wasting your time on useless things

Some time people find themselves stuck in work which are of no importance or having nothing to do with there success Examples a student only watching cricket match before there board exam now next day if he is not prepare that effects there result.

  • Not providing delegation of jobs to different people

Delegation of job is important in business no body can do all the work even a most skillful person requires team to do his work done the best thing is to find out the right person for right job and give them authority and responsibility.In a game of cricket a delegation of responsibility is given to each player so that they know what they have to do therefore there success depends upon there role and performance.

  • Habits of not saying thanks to everybody involve

Habits of saying thanks to your colleague , subordinate for the effort and hard work they have put it to do a particular job is important and enjoy success with them boost moral and full every one with enthusiasm and joy.

  • Listen to your heart what you want to achieve

Success depends upon your inner will to achieve the task as we Thomas Edition a genius has to do 100 of failed test before inventing a bulb.More you are clear what you want to do more you put effort to do and complete your given task

  • Delaying your plan of action because of fear of loss :

Many people does not start the plan because of fear of loss .it is same as lost the battle before fighting it out. Elon Musk  a inventor and entrepreneur says ” if you are not failing it means you are not inventing enough”

 Not motivating yourself to achieve plan of action:

Regular motivating yourself is very very important to achieve you plan of action Rome is not build in a day therefore your clear vision and daily practice is requires to build you plan .

  • Breakdown on time of crises

Crises are part and parcel of any plan of action you need to be determined to do your work some time crises comes and you  break down thats the time you need to recover fast from your crises and find the solution and fast and do the right thing with positive mind set and get out of it.

  • What you thing you become

Positive set of mind ,your objective in life ,and your determination gives you right direction and way

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