Reorder Level in Tally

Reorder Level in Tally is that quantity of stock in hand after reaching which you can order your suppliers.It is important because it ascertain th desire to have sufficient stock to serve your customer simultaneous.

Some of the important point to considered while doing Reorder Level in Tally

  • The lead time for supplier to supply the goods.
  • The leads time by customer to deliver the goods.
  • The stock in hand in the meantime to satisfy the customer.

Activate of Reorder Level

F11>features >F2 : Inventory Features

“Allow Purchase order processing” set to Yes”

Go to Gateway of tally > Inventory info >Re order Level > Select the group computer.

CTRL + F4 :New parent (to change the stock group

ALT + R this key is useful to make change to advance

ALT + M simple minimum Quality or Advance minimum Quality

To check the report

Goto gateway of tally > Display > Statement Of inventory > Reorder Status Select from The list

Closing Stock

Closing Stock Display net closing stock of all items of selected Group.

Purchase Order pending

This column display the list of pending orders which we are placed.

Sales Order Due

This column display the list of pending orders which have received.

NETT Available

NEtt available stock can be arrived from the following formula

Closing Stock + Purchase Order pending  – Sales Order due

Reorder Level

this field display the reorder level which we defined in Master .which which shows the minimum quantity of stock.

Short fall

When reorder Level is more than Nett Available short fall of the item will display.



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