Online Course

Online Course

Online Course in Accounts Taxation and computerised Accounting

The course is designed as per industry standard.The user will understand the respective module and topic in very lucid manner.All learners have access to video lectures and all online classes.The Courses are designed based on the analysis of training needs that are in demand and are required by the students, professionals and the industry. In the process, Learner small bridges the gap between Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude required for an individual to make themselves proficient in their workspace as well as life.

Duration of the course:

Class timing 7 PM to 8 PM evening

3 month 5 days a week. 1 hours daily practical training + with theatrical concept clearance

Fee Rs 12000

Course module

Manual Accounting

  • Journal Entries and Books of Accounts.
  • Inventory valuation and Depreciation.
  • Bank Reconciliation. ROE
  • Financial Statements.
  • E- Transactions and Misc. Banking Transactions and Operations



  • Creation, Modification, and Deletion of Company, Ledgers and Groups.
  • Security Control, Back Up and Restore Process
  • Accounting Vouchers and Inventory entries
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Multiple currencies,
  • Interest calculation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Zero value entries and discount.


Part 3

Adjustments Of Invoices And Debit And Credit Notes.

  • Adjustments of Credit Purchases and Sales.
  •  Adjustments of Outstanding and Prepaid Transactions.
  • Reserves, Provisions, and Adjustments of Provisions For
  • Depreciation, Bad Debts And Taxes.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Online Finalisation of Financial Statements.

Functions in excel

  • Insert Function Count, CountA and Average ,Minimum and Maximum
  •  IF, CountIF and SumIF
  • Options :Control  Display  Options ,Create Custom Lists ,Setting Chart Parameters
  • Add Data  Labels Add/Remove Legends
  •  Change  Axis Intervals / Limits ,Add a Trend line,  Data  Series Colour ,Worksheet  Views, Multiple Windows , Freeze Panes

Advanced Cell Formatting

  • Text Wrap and Merge Cells, Text Orientation,Format Painter ,Conditional Formatting
  • Paste Special ,Auto Format,Auto Calculate
  • Advanced Cell Editing
  •  Repeat , Transposing Data , Delete and Insert Cells
  • Templates ,Create a basic Template ,Using a Template , Advanced Printing ,Scaling , Print Titles, an Area and a Selection
  • Advanced Formulas , Data Series , Custom Number Formats ,Views ,Create, Display and Delete Views
  • Filter Lists – AutoFilter , Custom AutoFilter ,Sorting , Multiple Column sorts , Custom Date Sorts ,Importing Data , Import Text Files