Multiple address in Invoice and Report Tally

Multiple address in Invoice and Report Tally

The multi Address features in tally ERP 9 allows you to maintain mailing details for your company and ledgers.

Create multiple address for you company and used them in your invoices and report .For instance create a single ledger with multiple address along with their statutory taxation details. For instance purchasing goods from a supplier having multiple locations. This will help in minimizing the creation of same party ledger for different branches in your company.

Print multiple addresss in payment / receipt voucher for instance company is maintaining centralized accounting system and the payment is received in the branch office.In this case the address of branch office is printed in the receipt voucher and recorded in sent to HO.

In A ltd trading company.

To activate the option of multi address

  1. Go to gateway of tally > F11 features > F1 accounting features
  2. “Maintain multiple mailing details for company and ledger set to YES
  3. screen appearsmaintain multiple address in tally
  4. On pressing enter address Type screen for A ltd trader company appears
  5. In primary field details appears which is entered at the time of company creation.
  6. Press enter and select branch office in the secound field and press enter.Mailing details screen for branch office appears .enter the details of branch office.

primary address

Ho Address multiple address Tally

  1. On pressing enter address type screen appears as follows.
  2. Press enter and accept the F11 features and F1 accounting features screen
  3. To activate multiple addresses in party ledger


  1. Go to gateway of tally >accounts info > ledger > single ledger > create
  2. ledger creation screen appears
  3. in F12 configuration : use multiple address ? set to YES
  4. press enter and save the screen
  5. In ledger name type Doon Traders
  6. In under sundry debtors
  7. Maintain bill wise detail YES
  8. In mailing details enter detail of party HO
  9. set multiple address mailing details YES
  10. Then press enter mailing details screen appears.

multiple addresses in party ledger

11. Accept the Address Type screen

To Use multiple address in Voucher Type

1/4/16 A Ltd company sold 10 nos ACC cement 10 bag to Doon traders at the rate of 340 each .

  1. Go to gateway of tally >Accounting Voucher > F8 sales
  2. press f2 to change the date if date need to be changed
  3. In the party account name select : Doon traders from the list of ledger
  4. In F12 : Configure allow separate buyer and consignee name set to YES
  5. In buyer details screens in consignee address Type select primary and in buyer select Branch office
  6. screen appear as follow

multiple address in Voucher entry

Press enter and accept the buyer detail screen

To print Multiple addresses in Balance sheet

  • Go to gateway of tally > Display > Balance sheet
  • Press ALT + P or click on print
  • In print menu press ALT + T: Title
  • Control on report title screen appear
  • In company Address to print select Branch office ,address detail will appear in the report
  • Accept the screen and print option set to Yes
  • Press ALT + Z to zoom

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