How to make first impression your last impression in Interview
first impression your last impression

How to make first impression your last impression in Interview

How to make first impression your last impression in Interview

Whenever you go for an interview your first impression play very important role because it left a mark on interviewer. Although it will be interviewer decision whom he has to recruit in his firm.

Point keep you should follow while giving interview

Reach your destination on time:

Reach your interview decision on time try be to reach there 10 to 15 minutes earlier so you have enough time to gather yourself and make yourself arrange properly.

Role of Dress play a part:

Your appearance probably won’t be the basis of the interviewer’s final decision—but it can certainly play a part in how you’re first perceived. When you show up in a neatly pressed suit and scuff-less shoes with a portfolio in tow, you’ll come across as professional and well put-together.

Be your genuine self and be likable:

People hire those people whom they like No matter how qualified you are, if the hiring manager feels like they cannot work with you daily, you will not get the job. . I have seen many highly  qualified professionals lose a job to a moderately qualified person, simply because there was a stronger personal

rapport between the moderately qualified person and the hiring manager.

Keep your thing organized and assessable:
You should be very well organized before going to interview and keep your all important things easily assessable .You should have your pen, resume, references copy of qualification , and reference in systematic and orderly process.

Make the first move :

Employers want you to make the first move when it comes to shaking hand or introducing your self its shows your eagerness

Prepare Answers

Plan answers for 15 – 25 common interview questions. While those specific questions may not come up in the interview, you can be sure that very similar ones will, letting you tailor the response instantly. Remember to give evidence to support each of your answers.

Be ready for different styles of interviewers

We  all arel different personality but people tend to like people who are like themselves! If possible, try to slightly tailor your style to theirs while still being yourself and letting your personality shine through.

Make Deposits, Not Withdrawals

Just like a bank, every exchange or interaction that you have is like a deposit or withdrawal. People either feel energized after working with you—or exhausted. To make sure you’re in the former camp, examine the factors that contribute toward deposits. Are you easy to work with? Do you give the person with whom you’re speaking undivided attention? Do you support your team during peak periods of stress? Are you leaving conversations making  others feel empowered, motivated, and energized? These are great leadership qualities that will help you grow your deposits.

Be comfortable under pressure

In business world people are known by how they work under pressure and perform. Whether you are working with group of people , serving clients  with lasting impression. Be confident, patience and focus while working under pressure that make everlasting impression on interview.

Be original 

Sometime we are so much indulge in impressing others that we forget to show our true self .we hold back opinions, squash our creative ideas, and downplay our personalities, all for fear of being judged.

Keep yourself energize :

it means your physical energy  as well as conveying a positive way of looking at things/approaching problems.

Know your resume Very well :

before giving any interview go through your resume well because it the information that is provided by you to other about you to other so well prepare yourself according to your resume and your answer should be ready.

Practice Practice Practice :

Practice makes man perfect.Spend time before the job interview doing mock interview with friends and family.You can also rehearse in front of mirror , record voice make videos etc.

Know about the company and job well

before going for job google about the company and know about job profile which they are looking for and accordingly prepare and take knowledge .

Stay focus

Stay focus till the end otherwise you loose your concentration and energy .

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