How to Use Security Control In Tally

How to Use Security Control In Tally

The requirement of security control arises when the company date is used by many people in the same business.

Tally allows you to create multiple levels of security as per requirements and authorizes users with individual password and rights to access specific functionality only.The user with an administrator level password is authorized for full access to all features and set access control for other users.

  • Set Yes to Use Security control an additional field appears prompting for the name of the administrator

Most of the reports in the tally are flexible in nature which allows the user to create alter display and print any information.with the help of security control system fo tally we can set the authority right of the user or a group of users.It means if we want that others cannot access our company without our permission or have limited access to tally function we can give security as per our wish.

  • First of all we create company and in the company creation screen Under security control Set ¬†Use security control >YES
  • Name of administrator: type 123
  • Name of password: type 123
  • Save a company

tally security


  1. Go to gateway of tally > ALT + F3 > Company Info > Security Control > Type of Security
  2. On selecting Data entry from the list of security Level
  3. Use security control: YES
  4. Name of administrator: ABC
  5. Repeat Password: ABC
  6. Use Tally Audit Features: YES
  7. Disallow opening in education mode YES

Create security Levels

To create a new security level you have to login as an administration and password

To set security control :

Go to Gateway of Tally > Press Alt >F3 company info >select security control > type of security

To set security control :

security levelSelect date entry for the list of security level and replace it with Jr accountant Note: you can create a new security level for different position in the same screen

security level1In the security level screen

Name of the security level: whatever name you to enter it will show the same name created.

Use basic facility of in this field select owner as next level of accountant

Day allowed for the back update: back up the date of vouchers

cut off date for a backdated voucher: enter the date before which user cannot create or alter voucher.This option is useful than when any Tax assessment for a particular period is complete and no further changes are required in the date for that period.

Allow to connect company: If it is set YES classified under this security level can connect to a company with a valid tally NET subscription.

the security screen appear as security level2

Security level definition screen :

The level definition screen display the following

  • Name of security Level: This by default display the name created.
  • Use basic facilities of the select owner from the security list: however, the other option called data entry is also available.Press O to get the pop-up list or revert from the next field for it to pop up.likewise, a Manager is created at the next level select owner.
  • Days allowed for Backdated voucher It refers to the number of days the user at this level are allowed to alter backdated Voucher For example specifying o will indicate that back-dated voucher


Tally Vault Feature: The security of data, financial or otherwise is always a matter of concern for business as most organizations depend on the confidentially of information. The tally vault feature is an enhanced security system – which allows for encryption of the company data with the most secure method of encryption being used.

Tally vault ensure that under no circumstances the original information is available in any form the technique could be likened to encryption

Got to Gateway of Tally > Tally vault >Select the company >enter the new password >confirm the password


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