How to Maintain bill wise detail in Tally

How to Maintain bill wise detail in Tally

: bill wise detail of goods and services are maintained according to the date and bill no, therefore, we can have details of all the bills received and all the bills made to customers. Now here let’s take an example and in the example

  • Mohan started business with cash Rs 10,000
  • Purchase following stock item items from Ravi on 1 oct 2015.
Bill no Item Purcahse price /unit Unit purchase
No/001 Dove soap 100 gm Rs.50 100
No/001 Dove soap 200 gm Rs 100 50
No/001 Lux soap 100 gm Rs 22 100
No/001 Lifebouy 100 gm Rs 20 200

Purchse following stock item from sudha trader on 2 oct 2015

Bill no Item Purchase price /unit Unit purchase
No/002 Maggi 100 gm Rs.8 100
No/002 Maggi 400 gm Rs 35 50
No/002 Top remen 100 gm Rs 12 100
No/002 Top remen 400 gm Rs 40 200



Go to gateway of tally > press F11 Key > Press F1> maintain bill wise detail set to YES

bill wise detail

Now create the following ledger in accounts info > ledger > create

Ledger Under Maintain bill wise detail Yes Inventory value are affected
Ravi Sundry creditor YES NO


Sudha trader Sundey creditor YES No
Purchase A/c Purchase —– YES



Now create inventory as given above :

First of all create Unit of measurement :

Go to gateway of tally > inventory info > unit of measurement > create > type = simple > In symbol >type : nos >In formal name > type : number >number of decimal places : 0

unit of measurement

Now create inventory

go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory info > Stock Item create >

press F12 >

  • set Allow advance entries in Master set to >NO
  • Set calculate Vat on MRP margin Set to > NO
  • Use part no for stock item set to > No
  • use description of the stock item set to > No
  • use remark for stock item set to > No
  • Specify default ledger allocation for invoicing No
  • Use alternate unit for stock item set to No
  • Allow standard rate for stock item > YES
  • Allow component bill detail > No
  • allow Alias along with  name > No
  • language  Alias along with  name > No
Name of stock item Under Units Set standard Rate Standard cost Selling rate
Dove soap 100 gm Primary nos YES 50 70
Lux soap 100 gm Primary nos YES 22 25
Dove soap 200 gm Primary nos YES 100 120
Lifebuoy 100 gm Primary nos YES 20 25
Maggi 100 gm Primary nos YES 8 12
Maggi 400 gm Primary nos YES 35 40
Top Remen 100 gm Primary nos YES 12 15
Top Remen 400 gm]


Primary nos YES 40 55

Go to gateway of tally > inventory info> stock item > create >
stock unit
now set standard rate set to Yes all fill in the standard cost :  Applicable from 1/4/15 and rate to be fill Rs 50 .

standard selling rate applicable from 1/4/15 and rate to fill Rs 70.

Simi salary create ledger of all inventory as described above

Now make accounting entry in purchase voucher

Go to Gateway of tally > accounting voucher >  press F9 or select purchase from the list > now press CTRL + V to got item invoice mode and then press ALT +I after pressing ALT +I name of the item should be written in place of particular.

Press F12 and set all the details Set to NO

In the party name press space bar and select party name forms the list .

now select inventory from the list to be purchased by pressing space bar which we have created earlier.


item invoice mode

and in the bill wise detail scree type the bill no bill/001

now to open the detail of our payable or outstanding go to the gateway of tally > display >statement of accounts >outstanding > payable >

now you can check the detail of your payable.


Customized bill creation in Tally ERP 9 for purchase of goods

To create bill no as per need we have to create class in tally ERP 9

suppose we have created bill no such as Billn0/01/17-17

the steps to follow are following

Go to gateway of a tally > Accounts info > voucher class >alter > purchase >

  • Use advanced configuration set to YES
  • a new window (screen)will appear
  • Starting Number Type 1
  • Width of numerical part Type 3
  • Prefill with zero Type Yes
  • Restarting number Applicable from 1/4/14 select 1 year
  • Prefix detail : Applicable from 1/4/14 : Type : Billno\
  • Suffix no : Applicable from 1/4/14 Type : \16-17

bill no in purchase of goods

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