How to increase your concentration level
increase your concentration

How to increase your concentration level

How to increase your concentration level

Keep distraction away form yourself :

Distraction leads to no concentration on work therefore first thing to do is to keep away distraction from yourself some people listen to instrumental music it help you avoid distraction at work.

Put up pictures on room of work

Pictures of wildlife or scenery of nature gives you settle feeling and energize you it helps you to concentrate more on your work.

Do Regular Meditation :

Meditation help you to increase your concentration do it regulatory and watch your breath while meditating.Learn simple meditation techniques and use those techniques while meditating for 5 minutes daily.

Don’t panic about future or work :

Sometime our concentration level lack due to panic feeling or nervousness this is because of our worries therefore more you worries and more you not able to achieve your goal or designated task well so its important to keep your worries aside and try to focus on the present work and try to do it more efficiently rather than living in nervous state of mind.

Prioritize your work :

When you have work in hand you have to prioritize work according to its important so you can do it more efficiently and can put more concentration on your designated work .If you are not sure about where you start prepare to do list in advance for 15 to 20 minutes in the beginning of the day and accordingly take decision .

Focus on one task at a time :

Don’t try to be multitasking try to concentrate on one task at a time to increase your productivity because as per researchers if you take away your concentration from one work it will take 15 minutes to regain your concentration again to the same work.

Promise yourself reward :

Rewarding yourself after completion of work is important because it makes you more energetic and joyful. when any task is completed its important to enjoy it brings lots of happiness and zeal to work harder and it makes us more focus and  productive.

Work on same place :

Find out the place where you feel most comfortable because working from the same place make your mind used to the area and habituate yourself to work from that place .It makes you concentrate and concentrate well.

Take short break from work :

Even if we mastering of concentrating but taking short is important to refresh yourself Get outside and breath deeply or take a brisk walk do it often and return to your work because our mind can struggle to focus intensely on task for eight hours a day.so its important to divide your work on one hour segment and 10 minutes break in between for better concentration and results.

Follow some simple nutrition tips

many of us do not drink water while working and dehydration can cause us week ,low energy, not focusing on work as so on when our body does not have enough it do not perform to its peek .Eat your break fast on time if you are hungry you cannot concentrate well eat fresh vegetables,salad,snacks etc its make you healthy.Get up and move around every day is important now a days a busy schedules and use of technology more often  makes us very lethargic and its effect our working style.

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