How to create Batch wise detail in Tally

How to create Batch wise detail in Tally : It is one of the features of tally which is used for movement of goods in lots or batches.Various organization or business purchased goods in lots or batches to monitor the result of lots or batches their number is used.This type of batches is used for perishable goods and generally made in medicine it contain batch no and date of manufacturing date of expiry .it used to monitor date of manufacturing and date of expiry. Therefore the status of inventory with us can be maintained accordingly goods are sold and maintained in the stock. Manufacturing and expiry date of the product are maintained in accordance with batches detail as per requirement.

How to activate batch wise detail in tally :

Go to Gateway of tally >F11 features > F2 and inventory feature and maintain batch wise detail set to YES

Set expiry date of batch wise detail : YES


Go to gateway of tally >inventory info >stock Item >Create

In the name of stock, item type 200 gram biscuit packet

In Under select group : Biscuits

Units : select : Packet

maintain in batches set to YES

Track date of manufacturing YES

Use expiry Date : YES


An example of Batch wise detail :

Parle agro Product started the business with cash Rs 1000000.

Purchase Following stock items


Item Quantity  Price per kg
Flour 50 kg 40 kg
Sugar 20 kg 50 kg
Cashew 5 kg 400/kg
Preservative  40 liter 200/ ltr


Manufacture 1000 pieces of biscuits

To manufacture 1 piece of biscuit 20 gram of flour ,5 gram of sugar and 5 gram of cashew and 1 ml of preservative is required .

Packed 10 biscuits in 1 packet

Then 100 packet of biscuit is packed in a day with batch no P2016/1 and EXP date : 31/12/16

Go to gateway of tally >accounting info > create > ledger and prepare the following ledger under the following category

Ledger Under Inventory value are affected
Purchase A/c Purchase YES








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