Goal Setting tools and Techniques

Goal Setting Techniques

first of all to understand

  • what is goal ?
  • Step in goal setting ?
  • Why to set goal in life ?
  • How set goal ?
  • Motivation to achieve my goal ?

Goal setting is powerful tool to think about your ideal future.motivating yourself turn out this vision of future into reality.

If you don’t know where are going you are wind up yourself somewhere else.

Steps in goal setting :

  • Set goal
  • Why to set goal
  • How to reach your goal
  • Evaluate your process
  • Celebrate

Why to set goal

  • Make a road map from source to destination
  • Find out your priorities to reach a goal
  • Concentrate your time and effort.
  • Motivation and persistence and desire.

Goal should be clear

  • It took Thomas Edision thousand of attempt and thousand of failure before inventing electric bulb.
  • But he knew exactly what he wants.
  • His goal keeps him going until he reach his goal.

How to set goal in your career ?

  • SWOT
  • Goal Setting work sheet.
  • Vision board
  • SMART goal exerciser


  • Strength : what are your abilities skill and talent in that area.
  • Weaknesses : What are your main limitation in that area.
  • Opportunities : Who could support you to reach your goal.
  • Threats : What obstruct you will face to achieve your goal.

Goal setting worksheet:

  • My goal is …………..
  • The goal is important for me…………….
  • Steps i will take to reach this goal……………..
  • My target date to finished this goal…………………….

Measurable :

The goal can only be achieve if they are measurable in some way

For instance : I want to improve my reading skill.

Measurable goal would be :

“I want to improve my reading skill by 12 words per minutes.

Achievable :

Where you decide how you are going to achieve your goal.

Realistic :

Make sure that your goal are something which is within reach.

Time bound :

Set a date to accomplish your goal.

Attitude :

it is the attitude which make the difference towards reaching your goal.



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