Export and Import of Data in Tally ERP 9

How to Export and Import of Data in Tally ERP 9


–  Export of Data in Tally ERP 9

Export of data is a feature provided for a better presentation of summaries and statements/

reports  such trial balance, stock summary and so on. The important use of this feature  is to

export data to a spreadsheet and reorganize it for statutory presentation. The formats available

for export are


ASCII (Comma Delimited): This is in plain text format, where data is separated by commas

and it does not have any special formatting or fonts. This is the most common e-mail format

as all mail programs recognize it. ASCII data can be easily worked upon by other programs.


HTML (Web- publishing): HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is the language used for

publishing hypertext on the world wide web. Reports retain their formatting and fonts

and can be read by any HTML-enabled mail program and even by the internet explorer.


XML (Data Interchange): Extensible Markup language is an extension of HTML though the

data is capable of being imported into other XML-aware systems. This language is fast emerging

as the de-facto standard for information exchange all over the world. With it ,Tally provides you

the means to collaborate with others and share information with those who do not have Tally.

An XML output will have an XML envelope. It is formatted with XML tags to enable import into

other systems.


Purpose of Exporting Data

  • To re-import into another company run on a tally.
  • To export into other applications.

To export data for re-import into tally, the masters have to be first exported and then the



Export Masters in Tally

    Go to  Gateway of Tally > Display > List of Accounts >  Click Export.

    The fields and their descriptions with actions to be taken are given in the following table.



Language: In this field, select the required file


Select Restricted (ASCII only)
Format: In this field, select the required file format. Select XML (data interchange)


Output File Name: In this field, define the file name with file extension and path. Retain the system defined default Master.xml
Type of Masters: In this field, select any from the list of the type of masters displayed. Select Ledgers

 Accept the settings to export data.

A sample of export settings displays as shown.



Note : Experiment by defining a different path in the “Output File Name” field beside.export master in Tallyes the default one.



Import of Data


Import Masters in Tally

The following steps are involved in this process.

Go to Gateway of Tally.

      Shut Syscon Computers Ltd. and load Syscon Telecom Services.

      Select Import of Data from Gateway of Tally.

      Select Masters from Import of Data screen

The action to be taken for fields and their descriptions are given in the following table.


                       FIELD                            ACTION
Import File Name (XML): In this field, type the name and path f the file that needs to be imported. Type Master.xml


 Treatment of entries already existing :In this field, select one of the behaviours from the list displayed. Select Modify with New Data

 Accept the settings to import data.

View the list of accounts to verify the data imported.


A sample of import settings displays as shown.

import of data in tally erp 9

Note: Experiment with the other options available and observe the differences. Transactions too can be imported by selecting the Import transactions option.


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