Diploma In Financial Accounting

Diploma In Financial Accounting

Diploma - In Financial Accounting

Diploma in Financial Accounting, Taxation, Tally and SAP FI

It is an Extraordinary course for the extraordinary career.

A course designed for students looking to make a career in the field of accountancy and taxation.It’s a course better than any other B.com or BBA where there is only theoretical training and focuses on concept clearance and job training.With practical on computer accounting makes students job ready.A Diploma in Accounting enables students to work in both the public and the private, auditing, management, accounting, taxation, and business.

A Dual Course for aspiring students looking to make the career in Accounts & Finance.The course develops the ability to process the various business transaction through accounting software and knowledge of direct and indirect taxes and MIS report on financial matters.

Good and Services Tax Regime will open the gateway for more than 1 lakh approx jobs in Accounting, Taxation, and Data Analysis

Job opportunities for students:

  • Accounts manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Purchase Manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Finance Manager

Accounts and banking course after XII and B.com or any undergraduate or degree

Skills Required to become an Accountant:

  • Basic knowledge of principles and practices of financial record keeping conducting audits and performing accounting functions.

  • Knowledge of accounting principles (e.g., Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) to ensure an accuracy of financial statements and implement adequate internal controls to safeguard departmental assets.

  • Ability to apply accounting principles and procedures to work assignments.

  • Knowledge of computer software programs (e.g., Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word) to facilitate accounting operations and software Like TALLY.ERP

Course :



  • Windows 7
  • MS Office2010(Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
  • The Internet, E-Commerce
  • Real Life Project on Project on Word and Excel

M2 – Manual Accounting

  • Journal Entries and Books of Accounts.
  • Inventory valuation and Depreciation.
  • Bank Reconciliation. ROE
  • Financial Statements.
  • E- Transactions and Misc. Banking Transactions and Operations.
  • Real life Projects on Manual Accounting.



  • Creation, Modification, and Deletion of Company, Ledgers, and Groups.
  • Security Control, Back Up and Restore Process
  • Accounting Vouchers and Inventory entries
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Interest calculation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Zero value entries and discount.


  • Goods and service tax GST- Accounting entries in Tally.ERP 9
  • Cost Centre – Creation and Allocation
  • Accounting Vouchers and Inventory entries
  • Branch Transfer, CNVAT credit
  • Company merger and splitting
  • Accounting, Inventory, and Taxation


  • Self-Presentation
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Interviewing Essential and Skills.
  • Real Life Projects for Personality.




  • Projects on Reconciliation of Debtors and Creditors.
  • Projects on Branch Reconciliation.
  • Projects on Ledger Scrutiny.
  • Projects on Profit Scrutiny.

Special Accounts

  • Company’s Financial Statements.
  • Calculation Of Depreciation and Accounting Treatment.
  • Company’s Final Accounts as per Schedule Vi.
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Cash Flow Statements.


Part 3

Adjustments Of Invoices And Debit And Credit Notes.

  • Adjustments of Credit Purchases and Sales.
  • Adjustments of Outstanding and Prepaid Transactions.
  • Reserves, Provisions, and Adjustments of Provisions For
  • Depreciation, Bad Debts, And Taxes.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Online Finalisation of Financial Statements.

PART 4 Concept and provision of PF and ESI and Taxes

  • GST theoretical and implementation in tally
  • TDS & TCS theoretical and implementation in tally
  • Payroll Processing through Tally.ERP 9
  • Documentation and e-filing of FP & ESI
  • Advance Job order processing in tally

Real Life Projects on


  • GST Computation, Preparation, and Filing of Returns.
  • TDS, E-Filing of TDS Returns.
  • TCS, Filing Of TDS Returns.
  • ESI payment Procedure online
  • PF Payment Procedure online

Income Tax and E-Filing Of Income Tax Returns.

  • PF and ESI calculation
  • Advance Job Order Processing in tally.erp 9


  • Official Correspondences.
  • Online Correspondences.
  • Mastering various deeds(Partnership deeds, Joint Venture Agreements, MOU, Gift deeds)


  • Residential Status.
  • Income from Salaries.
  • Income from House Property.
  • Profit and Gains of Business and Profession.
  • Capital Gains.
  • Income from Other Sources.
  • Calculation of Income Tax as Per Law.
  • Filing Of Income Tax Returns.


SAP Fico

  • Create Company and company code
  • Alter company
  • Credit control Area
  • Function Area
  • Profit Center
  • Fiscal year and Fiscal year variant
  • Posting period and Variant
  • Tolerance group
  • Chart of A/c
  • A/c Group
  • G/L A/c creation
  • Field status Group
  • Blocking A/C
  • Document Types
  • Number Range

Excel Formulas:


  • Renaming Sheets,
  • Cell Referencing, Relative Addressing, Absolute Addressing
  • Functions
  • Insert Function Count, CountA and Average, Minimum and Maximu IF, CountIF and SumIF
  • Options: Control Display Options, Create Custom Lists, Setting Chart Parameters
  • Add Data Labels Add/Remove Legends
  • Change Axis Intervals / Limits, Add a Trendline, Data Series Colour, Worksheet Views, Multiple Windows, Freeze Panes,Advanced Cell Formatting
  • Text Wrap and Merge Cells, Text Orientation, Format Painter, Conditional Formatting
  • Paste Special, Auto Format, Auto Calculate
  • Advanced Cell Editing
  • Repeat, Transposing Data, Delete and Insert Cells
  • Templates, Create a basic Template, Using a Template, Advanced Printing, Scaling, Print Titles, an Area and a Selection
  • Advanced Formulas, Data Series, Custom Number Formats, Views, Create, Display and Delete Views
  • Filter Lists – AutoFilter, Custom AutoFilter, Sorting, Multiple Column sorts, Custom Date Sorts, Importing Data, Import Text Files

How to Get Accounting Job:

Most accounting jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, but with associated skills help you to do accounting, you may be able to perform some accounting tasks, like payroll, Cost accounting, indirect taxation for an employer. you can take on an entry-level position like staff accountant, tax staff, or junior internal auditor.Many consider accounting to be a “recession-proof” job because individuals and organizations must pay their taxes and optimize their finances during both good times and bad.

Special knowledge and skills:

Proficiency in Area of accounting:

Know report and analyzed the financial records of the organization they work for.In addition, they have to budget performance evaluation cost management and asset management.Accountant analyses and audit individual financial records.

Goods Computer skills with Computerized accounting:

Accountant constantly improving accounting software solution reputations depends on accuracy and attention to details.

Strong Analytical Skills:-

Successful accountants must have strong analytical skills and their reputation depends on accuracy and attention to detail.

Excellent communication skills:

As an accountant, you will excellent communication skills both verbal and written.

Legal Awareness:

The legal code and ethical standards related to financial reporting are stringent and accountant typically studies some business law and taxes imposed by the government of India.

A path for you to career in Accounts and Finance

  • Don’t afraid of hard work
  • Be passionate about your Career
  • Learn to demonstrate your values
  • Separate yourself from crowd

Diploma in Accounting and Taxation

Note: Training is provided on Original Tally Software in each system with practical experience with depth knowledge of Accounting, Taxation, GST and Tally, Excel and E-filing

5 reasons why to join Vista Academy

Concept clearance of students in the field of accounts and taxation

Many students even after completing their graduation and higher degree don’t have concept clearance of their respective subject

Regular assessment of Student

Students are regularly assessed therefore there performance can be track and accordingly they will be prepared for exams.

Practical exposed to accounting procedural

Accounting learning even requires practical expose our practical exposes of students makes them more confident and more job ready.

Computerized Accounting training

Nowadays computerized accounting role is increasing day by its makes work management more efficient and more smooth therefore corporate need people with high level of computer skill to do the task.

Knowledge of taxation

Taxation is the main form of collection revenue for the government from corporates, therefore, corporate want an efficient tax knowledgeable person in a there organization to do such task to be maintained.

Why learn Computer Accounts and Taxation

Excellent Graduate Prospects:

After completing a course and degree or even undergraduate can go for job training and even gets a job in a different organization.

You can work in any industry

Accountant are required in the different industry their job is not confined to particular trade, therefore, opportunities to get the job in accounting is much better small or big all organization requires accountant and with experience and knowledge salary also increase.

Tally Erp has user around 2 million and increasing day by day has generated huge demand for Tally trained professionals.

The right choice of Career growth:

Tally.ERP 9 is software with has important features that help you maintain and manage your Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, Payroll etc. It has strong business functionalities which have made it the business solution of choice for all business across the country. A training course on Tally.ERP 9, hence, opens a range of opportunities for employment seekers. Some popular Tally also has international requirement in middle east and African countries

The Indian banking and finance sector is increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 9% and is one of the highest growing verticals in Indian economy.

The salary of accountant depends upon many factors such location, experience, work profile or depends on a company.In the initial stage of career, an accountant can earn from 8000 – 12000 and after having experience and knowledge accountant can earn 30,000 per month or more.Besides, there are plenty opportunities available for fresh graduates and experienced professionals in traditional accounting fields-audit & taxation, finance departments, banks and public service.

Why Every graduate or undergraduate or XII pass should do this course?

In India college and school education is the totally theoretical base with no practical expose.In the above course along with theoretical knowledge, students are given practical exposes which is essential to make students ready for the job market.Nowadays after passing xii or graduation students have no practical exposes this course give them ample of practical expose.

Role and Responsibilities of accountant

The role and responsibility accountant vary in every organization which depends upon the nature of the business and added qualification and skill of an Accountant. According to economists, with the changing economy, the role of Accountant would soon be increasing in all business organization.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial statement and ledger
  • Tax management of organization direct and Indirect Tax
  • Cash flow management
  • auditing of company accounts
  • Inventory management
  • bank reconciliation
  • Debtor and Creditor Reconciliation
  • participate in management decision-making policies

Job opportunities for students after completion of course:

  • Accounts executive
  • Account manager
  • Auditor
  • Purchase manager
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Budget Analyst.
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58 percent of Indian employers are finding it difficult to fill positions and there is a significant talent shortage in accounting and finance sector, a survey showed.
Globally, 38 percent of employers face talent shortage.
In India, however, the number stood at 58 percent, ManpowerGroup’s 10th annual
Vista Academy bag for students

This course will equip the student with knowledge and skill requires in finance and accounts sector and give them ample of opportunities in the finance sector.

How to build the career in accounting

For undergraduate get degree in accounting

Have perfect accounting course with imbibing in accounting knowledge with computing skills

Also, there are various professional courses like chartered accountancy, ICWA, etc., which can be pursued either along with the graduation degree or after completing the college.

Course Duration Fees Eligibility
6 Month 14000 Eligibility: graduate
12 Month 27000 Eligibility: XII pass or appearing /Graduate
15 Month 47000 Eligibility Graduate and performance on the 12-month course.
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