Create Tax and Retail Invoice in tally

Create Tax and Retail Invoice in tally

What is Invoicing in tally 

An Invoicing or bill is a business document issued by a seller to the buyers its shows  the product quantities and sold on  agreed prices for products or services which the seller has provide to the buyers .An invoice indicate the buyer must pay the seller according to the payment terms as described in invoice .The buyers has a maximum amount of days to pay these goods and are sometimes offered a discount of paid before a due date discount can be trade discount or either cash discount depends upon terms and condition wheras trade discount can be shown in invoice .

In the rental industry an invoice must include a specific reference to the duration of the time being billed so rather than quality price and discount the invoicing amount is based on quality price discount and duration .Generally speaking each line of a rental invoice will refer to the actual hours days week month etc being billed

From the point of view of seller an invoice is sale invoice .From the point of view of a buyer an invoice is a purcahse invoice.The document indicate the buyer and seller but the term invoice indicate money is owned or owing in English the context of the term invoice is usually used to clarify its meaning such as We sent them an invoice .

Invoicing in Tally

Tally provides us different voucher like purchase ,payment , receipt,Journal . Contra,etc. If you want to get different invoicing like Tax Invoice and Retail Invoicing you can get it by creating voucher type of Tax invoice and Retail Invoice

Tax Invoice in tally

  1. To Create Voucher type of Tax Invoice
  2. Go to gateway of tally > Accounting info > Voucher Type > create
  3. In the name of field type Tax Sale
  4. In the field of type of Voucher select sales from the list of voucher type
  5. method of voucher numbering automatic
  6. default print title type tax invoice
  7. is tax invoice set to YES
  8. in the declaration field type your terms and conditions of your business
  9. skip the other fields


Same way create voucher type of of Retail sales

Default print title : Retail Invoice

Is Tax Invoice : No

With the help of that at the time of sales entry different optios of voucher type shown

Gateway of tally > Accounting voucher > F8 sales

screen appears as followsvoucher type retail and tax invoice

  • Sold 1000 nos of pencil box to motilal traders @ Rs 25 each
  • Go to gateway of tally > Accounting voucher > F8 sales > Tax invoice
  • press F2 to change date to 2/6/16
  • in the ref field type MOt/01
  • in teh field of party a/c name of with the help of ALT + C create ledger of Motilal traders under sundry debtors with mailing details and tax information.
  • skip the buyer details screen
  • In the name of item field select Pencil box list of item.
  • Type the quantity 100 and rate rs 25
  • amount will be shown automatically
  • save the transaction
  • press Alt + P to show the print of the invoice


Tally Invoice format in excel:

You can also export the tally invoice in excel

Go to the gateway of tally press > display from the day book select the invoice which you to export in excel

press ALT + E

Tax Invoice Retail Invoice
When goods are sold for the purpose of resale tax invoice

Is issued

When goods are sold to ultimate customer retail invoice is issued
Tax invoice is capable of input tax credit (credit on input tax paid at the time of purchase Retail invoice is not capable of getting input credit
No tax invoice is issued when goods are sold to

Unregistered dealers

Retail invoice is issued when goods are sold to unregistered dealers
Tax invoice contain TIN no Retail invoice does not contain Tin no


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