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Opening Entries in Tally ERP 9

Opening Entries in Tally ERP 9

It means maintaining accounts in tally of a company which is already in operation during previous period.Cases where this normally happens Accounts were maintained by someone else in some other tally Accounts were maintained manually Earlier New tally was used ,now old tally is being used etc.

Example of Opening entries in Tally.erp shows of accounts

Liabilities Amount Assets Amount
Capital Accounts

M/s Pacific computers

6,00,000 Fixed Asset

As per list c

Loan Liabilities

HDFC loan

1,0,0000 Closing Balance 1,65,315
Secured Loan

Chirag Goyel 200000

Amit Kumar150000




Deposits (asset)

As per list D

Unsecured Loan

As per list A

340,000 Sundery Debtors

As per list C

Current Liabilities


(As per List B)

56,802 Cash in hand 1,27,000


Simdry Creditors 525,400 Bank Accounts

Bank of India

Grand total 21,72,202 Grand total 21,72,202


Note : List of closing stock at the end of The balance sheet

To create single Ledger

Go to gateway of tally >Accounts Info > Ledgers>Single Ledger > Create

Name Pacific computer Capital A/c
Alias Skip this field by pressing enter
Under Capital Accounts
Opening Balance (1-10-19) 800000


Similarly creates  HDFC loan A/c under Group Bank OD a/c Opening balance Rs 1,00,000

To display single ledger

Go to gateway of tally > Accounts Info > Ledger > Single Ledger > Display > Select Pacific computer capital A/c

To go to menu press esc or CTRL + Q(quit)

To alter single ledger

  • Go to gateway of tally > Accounts info > Ledgers >single ledger >Alter >Select Pacific computer a/c
  • Make the changes to alteration screen and press CTRL+ A to save or accept

To delete Ledgers

  • Tally main > Gateway of tally >accounts info >Ledgers >single ledger >Alter >Select > Pacific computer a/c Press Alt+ d

To create multiple ledger

Go to tally Main >Gateway of Tally (DOT) >Accounts Info . Ledger > Multiple Ledger > Create

The multiple ledger creation screen appears as shown below

Create the ledger as List below

Name Amount
Rahul Loan A/c


Rajiv Kumar Loan A/c 100000
Ritesh Singh Loan A/c 85000
Sandip Sharma Loan A/c 90000


The complete multi ledger Creation screen appears as shown below



Press Y

List B provisions Name Amount
1 Electricity Exp Payable 3500
2 Office exp. Payable a/c 7000
3 Printing and stationary Payable a/c 9802
4 Rent Payable a/c 13500
5 Salary exp Payable a/c 20,000
6 Telephone bill Payable a/c 8000



List C Fixed ASSETS

Printer(Dot matrix) 4500
Printer (Laser0 7500
Computers 2 a/c 54000
Furniture and Fixtures 30000
Motor Vehicles 1000000
Office equipment 25000
Total 1121000


Deposits ASSETS Name Amount
1 Security Deposits Electricity 5000
2 Security Deposits Rent 32000


Updated: August 3, 2019 — 7:29 am

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