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Job costing Under Tally.ERP 9

Job costing Under Tally.ERP 9

What is Job Costing?

Is a form of specific order costing which applies to a job undertaken according to customer requirement and specification.With a view to ascertaining the actual costs incurred for each job, each job is assigned a job number or job name.

Job cositng is used to track all the expense and incomes for the job of the project created as a cost centre.It is he combination of cost centre + Inventory godown

Some of the examples of job costing are interior decorating construction architecture printing etc.

Use of Job Costing

  • To determine the true cost for each job broken down by locations.
  • To determine the revenue and expenditure and therefore the profit associated with each job.
  • To track overhead cost by allocating them for each job
  • To identify loss on projects at an early stage.

Features of Job costing

  • It helps to accumulate cost and revenue for particular job projects.
  • It allows tracking transfer of material from one godown to another.




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