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Tally Multiple choice quiz Q and A

1. How many types of Measurement Units we can create in Tally


2. To create Manufacturing Journal which option must be activated


3. Manufacturing Journal creates based on


4. Suspense Account Group is defined under


5. How many inbuilt Accounts group are in tally by default


6. We can show Bill wise details of Debtors and Creditors by activating


7. What is the utility of Tally Vault Password


8. Party account can be created through


9. We can modify an existing Company from


10. Company Restore option is available in


11. We can change the Company Information from


12. Which option is used to view Stock Items or Group Summary


13. By which option Purchase or Sales register can be viewed


14. Which reports are prepared monthly in Tally


15. Which of the following is not compulsory to create while entry in Accounts with


16. Which step is followed to view Purchase Register


17. By default, which mode is on in Purchase and Sales voucher


18. Which option is true for viewing Profit & Loss A/C in Gateway of Tally


19. Which option is used to view Trial Balance from Gateway of Tally


20. Which unit is created for stock items like grain, pulse, sugar, oil, ghee etc.


21. How many options related to Company Features are there in F11: Features in Tally


22. Which of the following equation is true for balance sheet


23. Where do we record purchase return, sales return, depreciation, bad debts Tally


24. Where do we record credit purchase of furniture in Tally


25. Where do we record cash sales in Tally


26. Where do we record interest received, commission received or rent received in Tally


27. . Rs.20,000 withdrawn from State Bank. In which voucher type this transaction will be


28. Which voucher type is used to transfer amount from one bank to another


29. How many voucher types area readily available in Tally


30. Which option is used to make changes in created Groups of Ledgers in Tally


31. Which ledger is created by Tally automatically as soon as we create a new company


32. Which option is used to view list of Primary and Secondary groups in Tally


33. How many secondary groups are there in Tally


34. How many groups are pre-defined in Tally


35. Salary Account comes under which head


36. Which menu appears after starting Tally for the first time


37. Which option is selected from Company Info Menu to divide company data into two
financial years



 To activate MRP feature from Geteway of Tally initially we need to press


We can see working capital figure changing


 We can repeat narration by pressing


Discount Column is available in

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