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GST Multiple choice quiz with question and answers

GST Multiple choice quiz with question and answers

1.Coal comes under the rate structure

  1. 0%
  2. 5%
  3. 12%
  4. 18%
  5. 28%

2. which country is the first one to implement GST ?

  1. USA
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. China
  5. Switzerland

3.. Which country has the second-highest GST rate of 27%?
A.) Colombia
B.) Brazil
C.) Argentina
D.) Chile

4. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was first proposed in which year?
A.) 2001
B.) 2002
C.) 2000
D.) 2002
Answer: Option ‘C’


5..Around how many countries have already implemented the GST?
A.) 157
B.) 158
C.) 159
D.) 160
Answer: Option ‘D’

6. The IGST is charged by?
A.) Central Government of India
B.) State Government of Andhra
C.) Only 1
D.) Only 2
Answer: Option ‘A’

Central Government of India

7. __________ is doing away with indirect taxes such Central Excise Duty, Service Tax, Addl. Customs Duty, Special Addl. Customs Duty as well as Addl. Excise Duty (These indirect taxes are those that are collected by the Centre).
D.) None
Answer: Option ‘B’


8. What is the due date of filing GSTR 1?
a)11th of next month
b)10th of next month
c) 7th of next month
d)15th of next month

9 What is the due date of filing GSTR 3?
a)15th of next month
b)20th of next month
c)21st of next month
d)17th of next month

10. What is the due date of filing GSTR 2?
a) 11th of next month
b) 15th of next month
c) 20th of next month
d) 10th of next month

11: Name the Annual return filing form under GST?
a) GSTR 5
b) GSTR 6
c) GSTR 9
d) GSTR 8

12: Minimum number of returns to be filed by normal taxpayer annually under GST?

13. What is the due date of filing Annual Return under GST?
a)30th September of next financial year
b)31st December of next financial year
c)31st july of next financial year
d)None of the above

14: Which of the following statement is not true?
a) Filing of returns would be through online mode.
b) A registered Tax Payer shall file GST Return at GST Common Portal either by himself or through his authorized representative.
c) There would be revision of returns.
d) All of the above.

15: Compounding tax payers would have to file
a)Monthly Return
b)Quarterly Return
c)Six Monthly Return
d)Only Annual Return

16: What is the due date of filing return for Compounding Taxpayer?
a)16th of the month next to quarter
b)20th of the month next to quarter
c)10th of the month next to quarter
d)18th of the month next to quarter

17: Which of the following monthly Return form need to be filed by Input Service Distributor?
a)GSTR 3
b)GSTR 6
c)GSTR 8
d)GSTR 5

18: Which of the following has not been subsumed at the state level into GST ?
State Value Added Tax
Tax on agriculture Land
Taxes on Lottery
Entertainment Tax

19: What is the threshold limit for North East india to get registered under GST?
20 lakhs
15 lakhs
10 lakhs
9 lakhs

20: Which of the following mode can be used for payment under GST?
Electronic Payment
Payment through challan generation -GSTN
Common Accounting Codes
All Above

21: What does G stands for in GST?

22: What kind of Taxes will GST replace?
Central Excise Tax
Service Tax
Entertainment Tax
All the types of taxes

23: Which of the following taxes leviable on an intra-State transaction?

24: The maximum rate prescribed under IGST is:

25: Supply includes which of the following?
Goods or Services
Goods and Services

26: What is the threshold limit of turnover for opting composition scheme under GST?
Rs. 20 lacs
Rs. 10 lacs
Not exceeding Rs. 50 lacs
None of the above

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