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Vista Academy

Accounting Institute in Dehradun Uttarakhand

Accounting Institute in Dehradun Uttarakhand

Vista Academy is prime Institute of accounting and Taxation and computer accounting in Dehradun Uttarakhand. Our course is designed for students who are willing to make a great career in the field of accounting and Taxation. The course that we have designed is a per need of the industries and always keep on updating and making changes as demand in industries for the job.

Vista Academy skilling and training programme is a type of high-quality service to mankind and society and cannot be regarded as a business. By providing, this education service one delivered to society by eliminating one of the meanest curses of this society, unemployment. Every business runs on its own success model and support structures to nourish its ecosystem. We invest our passion and expertise in delivering high-quality training and placements to our students.

Why Join Vista Academy Computer Accounting Programme?

  • Updated knowledge of accounting package Tally.ERP 9
  • Small Batches 7-10 Students leads to Personal Attention.
  •  100% Practicals with Projects.
  •  Original, Legal & Official Software.
  • Industry Endorsed Curriculum.
  • Highly Trained, Experienced & Certified Faculty.
  • High Emphasis on Projects & Assignments.
  • Friendly, Supportive, Patient & Qualified Faculty.
  • Easy Installment Facility.

Vista Academy

Accounts Course Institute in Dehradun

Vista Academy Certificate course in Computerized Finance Accounting Taxation Banking Payroll Training Vista Academy is one the finest and best  Institute of Professional Accountants in Dehradun and is one best institute because experienced accounting, finance and taxation professional also upgrade their skills. Vista Academy Authorized Tally Academy in Dehradun provides Tally classes with the latest and upgraded version of Tally ERP in the field of computerized accounts training.

Certification in financial management, taxation,

Vista Academy is an Indian finance institute which offers finance training Certification in financial management, taxation, banking, payroll, , Payroll, and E- Taxation. if offers certification to those students who complete their one-year finance courses along with practical accounting taxation banking and payroll courses. This financial Certificate is useful even for those looking for courses to run their business, this professional training helps them to have better control over their business and also for those who look for jobs.

Best Tally Accounts and Taxation institute in Dehradun

Vista Academy Accounts Training course will help students in the maintenance of accounts records with the help of software like Tally.ERP 9 and Excel. It helps to automate daily tasks with great accuracy, instant reports like -Creating leger and voucher entries, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Stock Records, GST Returns, TDS returns, Cash flow etc. are generated instantly. Our Industrial Accounting Course is one of the most preferred courses. Knowledge of Computer Accounts Taxation Banking Audit is very important to become successful. Anyone, who is looking for a job in this field can have great future by doing practical accounting training from “Best Financial Accounting Institute in India” Vista Academy. Fresher as well as experienced can do Accountant Course to improve their skills by learning various Software to enhance their career. Vista Academy Courses to students who have completed their 12th in commerce / or B Com / BA Graduates. Accountant course is very useful for Graduate/ undergraduate students from Commerce/ Arts with or without math.

The institute teaches professional accounting courses in Dehradun in the most practical way to help students adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of Business and Industry. Today, Vista Academy is a reputed Accounting Institute for providing courses after XII and graduation and post graduation degree. It also provides best GST training in Dehradun. Vista Academy is a perfect institute to opt for accounting and taxation course in Ahmedabad and kick-start your accounting career.

Accounts institute in Dehradun





  • Windows 7
  • MS Office2010(Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
  • The Internet, E-Commerce
  • Real Life Project on Project on Word and Excel
Manual Accounting


  • Journal Entries and Books of Accounts.
  • Inventory valuation and Depreciation.
  • Bank Reconciliation. ROE
  • Financial Statements.
  • E- Transactions and Misc. Banking Transactions and Operations.
  • Real life Projects on Manual Accounting.


  • Creation, Modification, and Deletion of Company, Ledgers, and Groups.
  • Security Control, Back Up and Restore Process
  • Accounting Vouchers and Inventory entries
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Interest calculation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Zero value entries and discount.




  • Goods and service tax GST- Accounting entries in Tally.ERP 9
  • Cost Centre – Creation and Allocation
  • Accounting Vouchers and Inventory entries
  • Branch Transfer, CNVAT credit
  • Company merger and splitting
  • Accounting, Inventory, and Taxation


  • Self-Presentation
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Interviewing Essential and Skills.
  • Real Life Projects for Personality.








  • Projects on Reconciliation of Debtors and Creditors.
  • Projects on Branch Reconciliation.
  • Projects on Ledger Scrutiny.
  • Projects on Profit Scrutiny.


Special Accounts


  • Company’s Financial Statements.
  • Calculation Of Depreciation and Accounting Treatment.
  • Company’s Final Accounts as per Schedule Vi.
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Cash Flow Statements.





Adjustments Of Invoices And Debit And Credit Notes.


  • Adjustments of Credit Purchases and Sales.
  • Adjustments of Outstanding and Prepaid Transactions.
  • Reserves, Provisions, and Adjustments of Provisions For
  • Depreciation, Bad Debts, And Taxes.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Online Finalisation of Financial Statements.


Concept and provision of PF and ESI and Taxes


  • GST theoretical and implementation in tally
  • TDS & TCS theoretical and implementation in tally
  • Payroll Processing through Tally.ERP 9
  • Documentation and e-filing of FP & ESI
  • Advance Job order processing in tally






  • GST Computation, Preparation, and Filing of Returns.
  • TDS, E-Filing of TDS Returns.
  • TCS, Filing Of TDS Returns.
  • ESI payment Procedure online
  • PF Payment Procedure online


Income Tax and E-Filing Of Income Tax Returns.


  • PF and ESI calculation
  • Advance Job Order Processing in tally.erp 9




  • Official Correspondences.
  • Online Correspondences.
  • Mastering various deeds(Partnership deeds, Joint Venture Agreements, MOU, Gift deeds)




  • Residential Status.
  • Income from Salaries.
  • Income from House Property.
  • Profit and Gains of Business and Profession.
  • Capital Gains.
  • Income from Other Sources.
  • Calculation of Income Tax as Per Law.
  • Filing Of Income Tax Returns.

Advance Excel Training

Date & Time Function
Date, Day, Month, Year, Edate, Now, Eomonth, Workday, Today, Weekday, Hour, Minute, SecondLogical Function

And, Or, If, Iferror, Nestedif, Choose

Text Functions & Data Validation

  • Concatenate, Find, Search, Substitute, Replace
  • Len, Right, Left, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, Text, Trim, Large
  • Filters(Advanced, Conditional)
  • Sort(Ascending, Descending)
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Conditional Data Validation
  • Abs, Pmt, Ppmt, Ipmt
  • Db, Ddb, Syd, Sln


  • Introduction To Macro Window
  • How To Run A Macro
  • Recording Macros And Viewing

Lookup & Reference Functions

Vlookup, Nested Vlookup, Hlookup

Index, Match

Referencing (Relative, Absolute, Mixed)

What If Analysis (One Variable, Two Variable)

Scenario Manager, Goal Seek

Paste Special, Transpose



  • Chart and Pivot Tables
  • Dynamic Graph and Pivot Table Import and Export Data

career in accounts and taxation

Certificate Course Duration Fees
3 month certificate course 3 months 10500/-
6 month certificate course 6 month 14500/-
12 month certificate course 12 months 24500/-


Vista Academy best Tally accounting institute in Dehradun
Address: 316/336, Park Rd, Laxman Chowk, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
Phone: 094117 78145

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