Backup & Restore data In Tally.erp 9

Auto Backup In Tally ERP

Backup & Restore data In Tally.erp 9

Tally.erp 9 provides the mechanism of taking a back up data from on store medium into other store medium .You can take a backup in local drive or in an external media.Taking backup is easy in tally and you just need to provide the source and destination location of the backup data.

You can create a main backup directory with subdirectories to take daily backup for example you can create a directory named tally backup with the subdirectories namc

Perform the following steps to take the backup of data in tally ERP 9

  • Click the F3 cmp info :button on the button bar in the gateway of tally screen¬†the company info menu appears
  • select the backup option from the company info menu as shown
  • Backup in tally
  • The backup companies on disk screen appears containing two main option source and destination
  • Type the path of the company beside the source option to specify the location form where you want to take

how to do Auto Backup In Tally ERP 9

Data on the computer is dangerous from different types of threat and any data lost cannot be recovered hence there is need to store date at different location by taking a backup.

To activate a backup option of auto backup

Open the comapany XYZ

  1. Go to gateway of Tally > Alt + F3 : comp info > Alter and press enter on XYZ ltd compny from this list.
  2. Company Alternation screen of XYZ company appears.
  3. Enable auto backup ? set to Yes
  4. Accept the company
  5. Press ESC to come on Gateway of Tally Screen
  6. GO to Gateway of tally F12 : Configuration > Date Configration
  7. In location of auto backup files type the path in which path you want to get back up D:\autobackup
  8. Accept the data configuration Screen.
  9. Message appears that do you want to restart tally for the change to have effect press Y
  10. Now when you close the XYZ trading Company tally take the backup automatically and
  11. To restore Auto Backup Data
  12. Go to tally Gateway of Tally > ALt + F3 :Comp info >Restore
  13. In destination field type the path in which you want to restore teh back upo data
  14. In source field type the path : D:\autobackup
  15. In auto Backup section list of auto backup  appears select XYZ ltd from the list
  16. in backup version select the latest backup

Auto Backup In Tally ERP 9

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