7 ways to increase your productivity twice
how to increase your productivity

7 ways to increase your productivity twice

7 ways to increase your productivity twice

Time management plays vital role in increase your productively.

Time management is managing you with time .its important tool its shows you to analyses and find out the right way to increase your productivity it helps you manage yourself according to with time .Time is crucial and important it needs to be well managed and well used.

Take regular breaks :

Research has proved that taking a regular and short  break from time to time has helped people to concentrate more and maintain a constant level of performance. Working on the same task without break during a long task steadily decline performance of a person.

Self-made deadlines:

Self-made deadlines are important it helps to keep on moving  , keeps our focus  and helping us to achieve desired goals.In open-ended task give you deadline and try hard to achieve them on time.

Say no to the meeting :

when you are in the meeting you are spending a lot of time in it is the biggest time-consuming activity.Try to avoid it and use more time on other activities which are more productive .

Quit multitasking :

Attempting to do several task at once can cause lost of time and productivity .Instead of that focusing on one task at a time is more productive

Minimize interruption in work :

Interruption is common barrier in work it distract focus and .concentration .It can change our working pattern and corresponding drop in level of productivity.

Set a Timer :

Time is always running away it us who has to manage time according to us therefore set time for each task according to your time table.

Enjoy your work :

Love and enjoy your work is ultimate way to increase your productivity and performance in work.

Clean and clear clutter form your work space :

If your place is not organized its difficult to organized your mind also to be productive you need to be organized enough mentally and your place need to be organized too

Use technology to make notes :

his way, you can write down your thoughts, to-dos, and ideas at any time. The key is to get everything out of your head and onto paper. This way, your subconscious mind won’t be reminding you about it every other second.

Write to note down to do List :

Note down your to do list daily to make a plan in advance to know what you have to do In this way i can start my most important task as early as possible and make a plan of my whole day and make my work more organized and efficient .

Get plenty of sleep

There  is old saying early to bed early to rise make a man healthy wealthy and wise and its very right to say that plenty of sleep and early rise up from bed make us healthy and make our work more productive.

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