20 Quality traits of mentally Tough people

20 Quality traits of mentally Tough people

Control there emotion very well :
Mentally tough people are intelligent they control there emotion very well .They fully understand and tolerate there emotion very well and do something productive with it.Testing your mentally toughness is testing finally your emotional intelligent.If you emotionally intelligent then you can make decision well and do not flow with the air in the environment in conditions.

Now what is emotional intelligent:

its capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically…It makes us strong when performing under pressure.

They manage difficult people very well:
They are flexible and constantly adapting ..They know about the change which is near to them and make plan of action how to deal with it .When you are ready for changes you find something good in it, Mentally tough people have open eyes ,open arms and open mind for opportunities which are going to be find when some change will happen.

They have habit of saying No
Mentally tough people say no.They know its healthy to say no they have foresight and self esteem tp make there knows clear. They confidently say no to as they know that saying no means not disrupting there present commitment.

They enthusiastically embrace failure :
Mentally tough people embrace failure the know that road to success is not easy and you you even have to face failure in way therefore they learn from failure .No one ever has gain real success without failure .Its part and parcel of lifeThe biggest breakthrough in life comes when your are facing difficultly in finding solution and you are stuck.

They put aside thing which they have no ability to impact :
Such people does not put effort of things which they cant impact and focus on things which are of there interest and put effort on it.They do what they can do .Mentally strength is like

They are Confidant
Your mental toughness shows on your working style and your performance. Your ability to succeed depend upon it .Its there confidant that make them move forward and inspire them to get success.A confidant makes our attitude more stronger and makes us prepare to take up all type challenges in life as opportunities .

They don’t worry about Pleasing Everyone:
Mentally strong people understand well that they are not please everyone all the time they even have to make smart move time to time. They’re not afraid to say no or speak up when necessary. They strive to be kind and fair, but can handle other people being upset if they didn’t make them happy.

They even takes calculated risk :
They do not foolish decision which creates risk but take calculated risk to get more near to success. They wait for the right time to take calculated risk and get the benefits form it.They are well aware what will be the downside of taking risk.

They don not make same mistake again and again
Human being makes mistake but our duty to understand our mistake well and learn from it it does not mean to make same mistake again and again mentally tough people learn from their mistake do not repeat the mistake they have make earlier.

They don’t expect quick Outcome:
While preparing for required result need patience and concentration which requires mentally toughness. Mentally tough people know very well that to achieve success we need patience and hard work.

They don’t give up their power easily
Mentally Tough people don’t want other to control him and they won’t other to control there emotions.

They get enough sleep :
Sleeping properly makes us healthy which will reflect in our working too. If we sleep well then we perform well and the outcome of our performance is great.

They do not complain
They do not waist time on complaining of things not done. They do not complain at all of not getting things.Complain are our inability to solve the problem if are failing its you who are responsible for the outcome .Therefore you are the one who is responsible where you are and where you want to go.I

Do not compare with others
When you start comparing yourself with others its means you are putting yourself in difficult situation. Comparing yourself with others means that you are no more master of your own happiness.

Do not afraid of speak up :
When a mentally strong person speak he does not hesitate to speak up what he want to say .They speak up and suggest a different approach.

Committed to long term Goal
Mentally strong people have clear long term goal in their mind which they are committed to achieve it.They are not easily get down form their goal .They are very committed and focus what they want to do.

They do not give up after a first failure
Failure are part and parcel of life mentally strong person are ready to face any challenges.They don’t find any reason to give up after a first failure and take it as teat and learning for them.

They use their time very well :
Time management pay important role to achieve success and mentally strong person know if they use there time very well they can do what they want in their life.

They are open to receive help of others 

They dont feel shy to take help of other they take advice and take help of their colleagues and senior to implement or make a plan.

They know what they are :

They know very well what they are they know their strength and limitation and accordingly do work.they are at peace with them self and they are aware of what they want  to achieve.they are ready to build up team and take up decision .They choose up people who are skillful in their field and help to achieve goal.

Don’t allow other to limit there joy :

They are smart enough to deter other to limit there joy .

When mentally tough people feel good about something in life, They won’t let anyone’s view or accomplishments take that away from them.While it’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to compare yourself to others, and you can always take people’s opinions . Mentally tough people know that regardless of what people think of them at any particular moment, one thing is certain—they’re never as good or bad as people

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