10 ways to be more innovative or creative

10 ways to be more innovative or creative

if you are not failing you are not innovating :

A failure is an option if you are not failing its mean you are not innovating enough .Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again this time more intelligently.

Surround yourself with inspiration :

Inspiring things makes you more alert and bring in your notice what is new happening around you and the energy and effort those people have made to innovate something new it can any small discovery,advertisement new technology etc.

Take a note of such things in any copy or desktop or in pin interest so you can have a regular check on it .It inspires you to do something new.

Brainstorming :

Brainstorming is the technique to find out the solution for a problem by the group of people from his ideas gathered from the group of participant .brainstorming, and the Walt Disney Method is a simple technique for everyone to take part in. It involves role-playing with three facets of Disney’s personality.

Know about future :

Future is what is going to happen if you know about your future customer you can deliver them what they want from you.You can create a product as your customer wants in future.

Make away from difficulties :

Difficulties are part and parcel of life it’s your inspiration and motivation which can find a solution to the problem by preparing an innovative way to solve a problem.Turn your can’t into can’t if.

Ask the Impossible question:

Impossible are better than hard question impossible question are very difficult to answer but to innovate you have to find the way to proof impossible to be possible and that’s called innovation.

Pick small projects :

We often think that ideas must always be big, transformative, and game-changing. But often, it’s lots of small, novel things that add up to make a huge difference. The benefits to small-scale innovation are huge.

Keep a note :

make the journal of every idea you have in mind and innovation.Practice that in the paper do brainstorming and find solutions.

Create partners : You need a team and if you confident in yourself you need partners who believe in you.

Find the pattern and create combination :

It turns out creativity is really just about making new connections between existing ideas and the ideas of others. Ideas come from other ideas. Did you know that Edison wasn’t the first one who came up with the invention of the light bulb?

Take the risk and make mistakes 

Thomas edition a genius has to make several failed experiment before inventing the bulb.If we are afraid of making the decision and apprehend our self about result then we can’t do anything new.

Removing self-limiting barrier 

Sometime in the environment  and  society we live to make us self-limited and we are not able to think beyond our limit which makes us confined and we are not able to make any decision which is innovative to break the rule set.

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